Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Une Blonde D'un Age Certain

Here are a lot of recent photos of Madonna looking great, yeah younger than she is, but cool, stylish & fashion forward. I'm not an all out fan but I think she has really paved the way for une femme d'un age certain & I like her wardrobe. I also didn't want to be bitchy here really, but after a certain age, going blonder really does a girl no favours. However edgy you think you are/want to be; it emphasises the lines & (quite frankly) does a mutton dressed as lamb thing even to the material girl.

I bet Rocco cried when he saw it. Mind you, maybe not, what other child do you know that would keep that hat on? I know he's a fireman or policeman, & in the sun too! He is absolutely the cutest kid though and, while some say Lourdes is mini-mummy, he is definitely mini-Guy. Maybe Guy just has a baby face?!

Anway, enough trivial celebrity nonsense for one day. Had a long chat about Victoria Beckham with a friend yesterday so am all starred-out, back to Israel/the demonisation of young people very soon & must have a cup of tea & do some work now.



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