Monday, September 11, 2006

I lied

Today I am hungover to the point of hardly being able to function, let alone muster the simplest thought about anything to do with young people or hoodies. Got to try and get through the fog to write something on my report thing for school. Got to get it done & get over the guilt of wasting so much time today because I over indulged so much last night. I've been sleeping off the headache, taking the nurofen that you're not supposed to apparently, because the pain denotes dehydration & I do need to re-hydrate.
A day in bed would be luxury for some, it should be for me, if only the Jewish gene hadn't brought the guilt gene along with it for company. In that vein, I will pass on this joke which is funnier knowing it is jewish, nothing kosher about the cock? There is an old joke about a golfer, Harry, who hits into the rough and, in rescuing his ball, fishes out a displaced genie, who gratefully grants him a wish.
"I'd like peace in the Middle East," says Harry, handing the genie a map.
The genie studies it, sighs and says: "Five thousand years ... it's impossible ... no one, not even the Lord, can ever hope to achieve it. Have you a second wish?"
"Well," admits Harry, "my wife, Pearl, has a horror of oral sex. Any way you could change her mind?"
The genie scratches his head, looks at Harry for a long while and says: "Just hand me that map of the Middle East again, will you?"


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