Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm banging that plastic surgery drum again, cos Christie Brinkley looks sooo surprised that I won't be going to her plastic surgeon. The only person, who admits to having work done, who still looks like themselves is Cindy Crawford. That probably owes more to her genes and her lifestyle than her plastic surgeon, although I believe his range of products is very good. & Meg Ryan is starting to look like a chipmunk, I don't need her to retain her ingénue fluffy pertness, do you? All that pressure to look good, better than is ever realistic, not to mention the starvation and dehydration that goes into revealing hardly any flesh on screen. We won't know what real women look like soon, future archaeologists will look appalled at the mutilation of beautiful faces and our society will be divided between those who can afford the maintenace and those who cannot. Therein lies the rub, with a growing underclass, western society condones the extravagances of vanity while not addressing the causes of poverty. Isn't that, along with the whoreship (not mispelt) of celebrity, just a little beyond palatable.



Blogger Bdog2 said...

Great post. I get so tired of turning up somewhere and being addressed in the familiar voice of an older friend whose face is unrecognizeable. Ugh. What's it like to face that stranger in the mirror every morning?

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