Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pure Pastoral Pleasure

Tomorrow I am going to write about demonising young people, so get your ASBO heads straight, today I was mostly mixing with lovely young people who play tennis. It was one of those days of perfect pre-autumn sunshine in England; pure pastoral pleasure, and possibly our last chance to get the BBQ out. Even though my tennis club isn't posh (otherwise I wouldn't have joined) it is white, middle class & privileged so our the parents' expectations wouldn't touch on ASBO's. Any thoughts on hoodies, whether we have a youth culture which is out of control, needs taming, requires Tony (Blair)’s wish to intervene pre-birth with the SS (social services) as an accomplice? Plus, shouldn't our Tone's concerns include his own son; Euan Blair, who threw up in Leicester Square & Jack Straw's son buying cannabis?
Meanwhile, having spent today watching tennis, but mostly eating, tomorrow will be spent on a canal trying to energetically opening lock gates on our stretch of the Grand Union Canal…after lunch… BTW is it too desperate to thank you for visiting, & for comments? I don't want to sound like Sally Fields at the Oscars, & I am sure bloggers assured of their own popularity are more blasé, but it is just lovely when people chime in. I want to go to their blog immediately to say thank you, but I feel silly, so will wait for a comment to surface at another moment. Just know that you are appreciated & I hope you get warm fuzzies from that! I am now left wondering what the audience means to me, I thought I was happy to vanish into the ether, but clearly not because I prefer a response. Perhaps it is just that I prefer to engage, which I always do, so I’m happy with that & think I may have worked that thought out then. My personality type (Myers Briggs) thinks as she speaks, which you may have noticed from reading this paragraph.


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