Friday, September 15, 2006

Not so Funny

“I am determined to clear my name but cannot comment further on the allegations due to legal proceedings” Chris Langham.
The comedy actor Chris Langham pledged to clear his name yesterday after being charged with nine alleged sex offences against a teenage girl. I hope he can. Although he was charged with 15 counts of making indecent images of children four months ago, I held out for it all being a big mistake in the manner of Pete Townsend. Mr Langham may be an award-winning writer and peformer, but it has taken almost all of his three decades in the business to achieve his success as a household name, & he has often been behind the scenes writing for some of the most brilliant comedies. Yesterday he answered bail at a police station in Kent and was charged with 8 counts of indecent assault and one other alledged sexual offence. A source with knowledge of the case said that all 9 counts related to the same alleged victim, a teenage girl under the age of 16. Mr Langham announced yesterday he was withdrawing from all BBC projects until the conclusion of the criminal case. He has 2 children with his 2nd wife and 3 from his 1st marriage. I could apologise for the serious tone of this post, but I did say this blog would be whatever was in my head on any given day! Child abuse is a serious subject and I am just saddened by the possible involvement of one of my favourite funny men. Maybe he was having an affair with the babysitter and her mother objected.

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