Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Rolling Stone ...

Apparently, Kate Moss is more in demand than ever, & I can't dispute that. She is everywhere; all those fashion houses that rushed to ditch her, have re-embraced her. Quite how she has been rehabilitated probably has much to do with how ubiquitous cocaine is in the fashion industry, as raking in the readies. It was only the weedy public who needed to be protected from the prevelance of class A pharmacuticals. Of course, as Phillip Green has sussed, she sells stuff. Not only that but she sells her own style and is successful as a model despite not wearing designer clothing 24/7. I can't argue with how great she looks, how versatile she is, or how her silence maintains her mystery. At 34, I am hoping this is her last ditch effort to fill her pension fund because otherwise I am feeling the over-exposure keenly. I heard that she is also punishing those who dropped her by doubling her rates for them, good for her, their need is greater and I'm all for a bit of assertiveness. Next season, I am hoping the profits have been made, that there will be a next best thing, and we will be seeing a whole lot less of Ms Moss & I don't mean in an Agent Provocateur way. I think it would be best if she could waft around, for years to come, in the manner of Catherine Deneuve. Also remaining mostly silent s'il vous plaƮt.


Blogger Chas Chesterfield Esq. said...

It is amazing how great she looks considering the fast life she leads.

That or she's the beneficiary of some excellent photo retouching.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Helen Sparkles said...

She looks great, and when I have heard her speak, she seems really lovely.

10:58 PM  

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