Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The History Boys

I've just been to see this tonight, at The Royal Theatre in Nottingham. I was actually crying during the curtain call, not buckets you understand, but I was incredibly moved by the brilliant performances. Click on the photo for links to the tour dates in the UK, I gather it is on Broadway too, where it has done quite well with a Tony. The cast you get in the USA is quite the best; & the original London crew; don't miss it! There was a discussion with the cast afterwards, which was a real treat, particularly because I knew nothing about it so was just lucky it was on my night. One person in the audience had an impossibly intellectual question but they managed it well & I managed to get my bit in too; I suspect they will remember me as the girl in the front who had too much to say! Oh I love it when The National Theatre comes on tour to the regions.

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