Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Feeling the Love

While never a fan per se, I was really rooting for Courtney when I switched on More4 tonight because her anguish has been public and palable to watch. She was great, a bit mad, but with talent.
Courtney was clean but struggling, with Carrie Fisher's support. Does Carrie just mentor everyone in Hollywood? It isn't the first time I've seen her on TV this week talking about mental health. Her house is fab. She has a red phone box on her porch and all these other wooden things in her garden. Magical & original. I was a bit worried that Frances Bean would just be getting anything she wants, after a stint in the care system & her mum on crack, spoilt is probably not what she needs to avoid being f***ed up. Lot of love in that house though.
She's been a bit of a mess, but I hope she stays out of trouble and the music sounded really good. Anway, watch out for the re-run; More4 don't have enough programmes not to fill the schedule with repeats. Oh, & there's a book, with some really lovely pictures in, as well as some very private stuff. I hope she doesn't feel over exposed when all this self revelation is out there for us.


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