Monday, November 20, 2006


So how did they make them look the same height? I gather the Scientology marriage isn't legal in the US, which won't pan out well for Katie's divorce settlement, but perhaps that's all covered in the pre-nup. Actually, I don’t mean to be catty about TomKat, but The Sunday Times did worry me a little this weekend when I read that Holmes can be in no doubt what Cruise expects from her. “She’s got to be pretty active because I travel all the time,” he said last year. “It’s also important that she can take instruction well. I’ll teach her how to fly a plane and ride a motorcycle.”
Hence, perhaps, the pre-wedding jitters she was reported to have confided to a visitor at a Colorado retreat where she stayed after the birth of her baby. According to the report, Cruise wanted her to stay at home and was keen for her to become pregnant again, while she pined to return to her career. She allegedly told the visitor that she was no longer sure about committing to Cruise, adding: “I don’t have my own life any more. I’m not comfortable.”
Adding up the attractions of Tom's world, I still wouldn't exchange them for being able to walk to the corner shop looking grungy & not being papped!

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