Friday, November 03, 2006

Cruise Control

Tom buys his own job? Even Katy and Brooke making nice couldn't have saved him from being sacked so did he have to own the studio before he could do what I can hardly call acting. I think he and Mel (Gibson) share more than just alienating us; their doctrines are also unacceptable to a viewing public. Tom Cruise was misguided to discuss postnatal depression, or psychiatry for that matter, in the way that he did. Despite the fact that Scientology seems an entirely spurious doctrine to me, I would have (given the opportunity!) shown his beliefs some respect, which is more that the Mel and Tom show have done for anyone else's.
It is almost funny that they use their power to communicate their point of view, and now are down on their knees asking us to restore that power; there is no power without our lowly selves handing over the cash. The acting is another matter though, and even if he is a lovely chap who is technically very adept on a set, I don't think Tom Cruise can act. Cruise has for years just been making promotional vehicles for a notion of celebrity which takes money at the box office, now he is a control freak in charge of his own product; himself. It is not really a surprise that he might get married at Il Duce's old place!

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