Thursday, November 02, 2006

Don't Sponsor a Child!

Now that The Daily Mail has stopped slagging her off, I'm guessing Madge has won her PR battle, despite the soft focus version of Newsnight. I'm not so sure that Kirsty was awestruck but the Ghost chairs & swathes of ruched fabric were an odd touch, I suspect they were in some ropey looking BBC studio which needed dressing!

For the record, sponsoring a child can offer more to the donor than the child. Christian Aid, for example, advocate a policy of donating to a community because singling a child out is not always beneficial for them. It is sensible theory, nothing to do with adoption, but worth thinking about for those of us who can donate £'s a week rather than Madonna's millions! I wanted to write, engage and see photographs of how 'my' child was doing, but was utterly pursuaded to set up a direct debit instead.

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