Saturday, October 28, 2006

BTWF* - Star Spotting; can you name them?

For a while in my life, My Guy was the preferred reading, and a few of my friends were photographed for the photo stories I awaited with baited breath. On reflection, this 'comic' & its imitators had a good thing going; can still remember the smell of cheap paper & ink, & I think they only paid £10. It was a lot to a girl at school in the late 1970's was a lot to a school girl & fame in the small pond of school was worth substantially more.
I bet some of these people got paid a little more than those my peer group!
I shall see if you can name the names, list from top to bottom please, & reveal all on another day. Only one would be really hard to get if you don't live in the UK; the first one, but the others shouldn't give you too much trouble. It is displacement therapy for me really; I am in the middle of a more personal post about something I need your advice on. Trouble is I keep bursting into tears whilst writing, so I keep having to distract myself and make hearty comfort food, for which the bf is eternally grateful.

*Before They Were Famous


Blogger Helen Sparkles said...

Sally Whittaker (Coronation Street)
Julian Sands
Tracey Ullman
Saskia Reeves
Tony Hadley
Hugh Grant
George Michael
Alex Kingston

4:50 PM  

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