Friday, November 17, 2006

Generous George

George Michael has announced a special free concert for NHS nurses at the Round House Wednesday 20th December 2006. I'm not even a fan per se but how great is that? Nurses don't get paid nearly enough to go to his concerts! I bet it will be really special, at least he'll make them feel special methinks, and it will be costing him money you know, or at least losing what he could have made.

The concert will be at the end of his European tour because as George said "almost ten years ago, during the last week of my mother's life, I told my friends and family that if I ever played my own concerts again, I would make sure to do a free one for NHS nurses. The nurses that helped my family at that time were incredible people, and I realised just how undervalued these amazing people are. And so I want to thank them with a Xmas concert, I can't wait. Neither can the tour crew, for entirely different reasons." I think you will already know about his if you are an NHS nurse, but just in case it slipped under your radar, click here to enter!

& if you're not out there saving lives, but have some spare cash, you can bid for VIP tickets on ebay for charity I guess.



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