Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Good & The Sad News

There is hope! The Democrats take Congress and look like they might take the Senate, it is like 1998 all over again, let's hope we are not as disappointed. Those that know such things, say that it will make little difference; the President has a power of veto over most of the important issues, but it might make him think twice. If nothing else it is a vote against the war in Iraq.

Sadly, today a construction worker confessed to the murder of Adrienne Shelly. I feel for the worker as well as her family; he sounds as if he lost it when he was scared of being reported for the noise Adrienne was complaining about. Who knows what happened, but he tried to cover up his crime, which suggests immediate remorse and guilt rather than pathological killer. I found it hard to think it might have been suicide if only because she was working in her studio which would be incongruous if she was planning to leave the world. It was also odd to think she could leave her toddler, but people do, so really I found it hard to believe for a combination of circumstances I really know nothing about. What I do know is that she was luminescent in Trust and The Unbelievable Truth, I hope Hal Hartley writes an obit, and I hope it is small comfort to her family that she treasured by some others as well as them.

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