Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An Unholy Mess

"Every thinking person in Israel - and, I will add, in Palestine as well - knows today precisely the outline of a possible solution to the conflict between the two peoples. All thinking people, in Israel and in Palestine, know deep in their hearts the difference between, on the one hand, their dreams and wishes, and on the other, what they can get at the end of the negotiations. Those who do not know that, whether Jews or Arabs, are already not part of the dialogue. Such people are trapped in their hermetic fanaticism, so they are not partners."
You might have guessed, from a previous post, that peace in the Middle East exorcises my brain from time to time. My thoughts are not best aided by a Jewish heritage which mixes awkwardly with a left wing bent. A state of missed opportunities was originally a speech given at the Rabin Memorial ceremony, Tel Aviv, Israel, on November 4. Today, David Grossman's words appear in The Guardian.



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