Thursday, October 26, 2006

Enough Already!

I am really dubious about the adoption from Malawi of a little boy who still has a father, but I am also struggling to identify what the world is really kicking up a fuss about; Angelina and Mia didn't seem to get into hot water like this. Our tabloids are just brutal. What's done cannot be undone & they look like a really happy family. I was relieved to see Guy in the picture, I wondered what had happened to him. As Mrs Ritchie looked tearful on Oprah, she revealed her adoption would involve the same British scrutiny as any other, and I know what that process looks like. Mind you, she will be getting any old social worker, just like any other family, & how star struck will she be! I may fast track my qualification & move... Madge needs a new best friend & I'm absolutely sure I would get on well with Rupert Everett so there would be no jealousy or anything...

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