Friday, August 25, 2006

Plastic Surgery vs. a Mobile Face

It isn't often I get very nationalistic, that always being an issue for the English and all, and I love A Socialites Life so it was a shame to find them feeling like Kate Winslet ought to have put her face on before she left the house. With some joy, I found everyone else's comments echoed my own response and we all seemed to like Kate with her animated face which seems to be aging normally. It is just easy to forget what that looks like!

I'm with Jane Fonda on this one, although she admits to a little work herself, but said, at the 2005 Hay on Wye Book Festival; “…I haven’t been in England as a single woman for a long, long time, but what I love about it here is that people look like they’re supposed to look. It’s real and a little shabby and so what?”
Farrah is a good lesson in how things can go wrong when we are trying to fool time, and how much more work needs to be done so that we can hawk ourselves around with a less lined but expressionless face.
Some Hollywood directors are in despair over auditions where they cannot detect which emotions someone is trying to express; actresses are frozen if smooth which is surely the antithesis of acting? Cindy, on the other hand, raises my own questions about me and nudges at my vanity because she looks fabulous! I really want to know who her surgeon is, anyone know? Not that I live that side of the pond, but I can dream ... I must admit I am getting slightly obsessed with my eyes lately and am sure they could be taken it a bit ... It is a hard road to follow for someone who never attaches the word post to feminist, a tad Dorian Gray perhaps.


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