Wednesday, August 23, 2006


2 posts in 1 day, err think this qualifies as work avoidance now. I thought that getting as far as the laptop was progress, seems not.

I have to own I lifted this story almost entirely from The Daily Mail and was most amused, not by the police officer not knowing who Caprice was, but that she had drunk a bottle and half of wine at lunchtime and the officer called her scrawny! Oh I am sooo cruel, she is a sweetheart, but she was drunk and the antibiotic mitigation is baloney. That much wine, likely with no food, would have a powerful effect on a slight body even hours later. If only she had used a mouthwash she wouldn't be in this fix.

Caprice was a little upset that the police officer, who pulled her over for a faulty fog light, didn’t recognize her. She then failed a breathalyser test, but didn’t really get the process; 'Do you know what this will do to me? Am I really under arrest?' Caprice was stopped by PC Paul Flashman at 3.45am on December 10 last year as she pulled out of a lay-by in Tottenham Court Road, London, after he noticed one of her fog lights was defective.

But when he leant through the driver's side window, he noted the smell of alcohol on her breath, Highbury Magistrates' Court heard. PC Flashman told the court that, at first, he did not recognise the superstar. He said: 'I could see a white female of scrawny build with bare shoulders in her late 30s wearing heavy make-up and she had a reddened spot in the right centre of her cheek.'

He then asked her name and she simply replied: 'Caprice.' PC Flashman said: "I asked again: "Caprice who?" 'It did seem to annoy her somewhat that I didn't recognise her and she replied in a stern tone: "Caprice." 'I was not sure if that was her first or last name and asked: "How do you spell your surname?"'

Caprice is being represented by Nick Freeman, who has been dubbed 'Mr Loophole' because he has successfully defended a series of high-profile clients accused of motoring offences, including David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Colin Montgomery. She was one-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit, but claiming that antibiotics she was taking at the time caused the reading to be so high.

She has admitted having drunk a bottle and a half of wine with lunch and a few glasses in the evening on the day before she was stopped by police. But she says that, had it not been for the drugs she was taking for cystitis, the effects of the alcohol would have worn off by the time she was stopped. Mr Freeman said that the drug she was taking is called cipro and that there are no warnings on the label about the effects it can have with alcohol. He said Caprice did not tell police about her condition because she did not realise at the time that cipro may have caused her to be over the limit.

Caprice has admitted one charge of drink-driving but hopes to retain her licence by pleading special circumstances. She faces a driving ban when she returns to Highbury Magistrates Court on Friday morning to be sentenced by District Judge Emma Arbuthnot.

She hopes in vain one hopes; she was in London where cabs are plentiful, I am sure she could have found somewhere to leave her car and am not that concerned about her ability to afford a driver. I don't think she'll be catching the bus anyway. I looked up the anti-biotic Caprice was taking and it said nothing about not drinking alcohol at the same times. To be fair, & doesn't one always want to be fair, I had a bout of cystitis once which made me feel like I had flu & I had half a bottle of wine which was the worst thing ever; the dehydration caused by alcohol left me in agony. Poor thing could have been distracted by pain, I'd play that defence.


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