Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why Oh Why?!

Does Blogger just crash everytime I try to upload a photo, is it my laptop or is it blogger and have I now reached my limit of imagery I am allowed to exhibit. I did have such a nice picture to show and tell today but am thwarted and defeated. Any answers gratefully recieved, I can't ask the bf because I might write something secret one day! Thanks for the comments, I am now inspired to write more ... as soon as I am inspired. X


Anonymous bdogs said...

Could you have tried to upload a photo that was too big? I think 60 kb is the limit? They have a help section on this. You have to upload the photo as a post then link to it and after that you can delete it from your entries.

1:33 AM  
Blogger beethoven writes said...

i have this problem all the time and others do too. there is no limit as far as im aware. best just to wait until blogger engineers have sorted it. give it 2 hours or so and try again.

you can use when you are desperate to post urgently.


7:38 AM  

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