Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cappella Scrovegni, Padua

As I drifted off to sleep a couple of nights ago, I was thinking about starry starry skies, specifically the 13th century stars Giotto painted in Padua which should not be missed if you are visiting anywhere nearby. Also in Padua is the University where Galileo Galilei held the chair of physics between 1562 & 1610, as well as some fine botanical gardens. Over dinner in Italy this year, I was trying to describe the chapel to someone who loves Venice; it is a short hop away. It was the blue of the sky and the stars which had been lodged in my memory for the 8 years it is since I was last there, but I had no idea if my recall was accurate.Looking it up on my return, (what did we do before t'internet?!) I was midly surprised to find that it was, and that the deep blue 'sky' was exactly as I remembered. To prevent it from fading, there is a designated doorkeeper, whose job is keeping the door shut, & I guess there might have been some restoration at some point. It is quite a task to close the door between each and every tourist, & I remember the doorkeeper quite grumpy and sighing a lot, I also didn't see one person close the door behind them, including us. The intoxicating beauty of this little chapel is so captivating, that all thought of doors, & other mundanities, were swept out of our minds as we entered. It is quite magical.


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