Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Monsters & Madness

Having heard so much about Sylvie Guillem from my friend in Suffolk, I decided I couldn't miss her, & that spending 3 hours driving to Snape was the same amount of time that I take driving to London. Sylvie's website is brilliant, lovely photos & gives a real sense of her. So I shall be seing a new production; Sacred Monsters, in which Akram Khan performs with Sylvie Guillem. Apparently they explore the dynamics and language of two great classical dance forms, kathak and ballet, all I know is that I will be seeing 2 major dance talents. "I have spent my life studying and performing kathak, it is the source of my creative process. Working with Sylvie Guillem is an exciting new challenge, giving me the opportunity to explore another classical dance language with one of its greatest exponents, and as a result unearth the things that are most often lost between the classical and modern world." Akram Khan

Sacred Monsters also features additional choreography by Lin Hwai-min, Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in Taiwan, and live music specially created by Philip Sheppard.

I am also looking forward to going down for the day and wandering about on the beach, but I am a bit envious of Snape Dances, a partnership between DanceEast & Aldeburgh Productions, which has presented over 24 dance the during the past 5 years. They have performances by some of the most exciting national and international dance companies and we have nothing like that in the metropolis that is Leicester.

Sylvie Guillem & Akram Khan peform Sacred Monsters on Friday 24 & Saturday 25 November 2006 @ 8.00pm. There are a few tickets left for the Friday, at the top price I think, but probably worth it if you live a bit nearer than me & aren't already going. The Aldeburgh Productions Box Office is available on 01728 687110 or click on the photo of Snape above to book online at

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