Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Dream about Being on Paddy's Team!

As a frustrated journalist, hence the blog? I dash off the odd missive to many a programme/publication. Sometimes my efforts appear in print, mostly they don't, but I hope anyone logging in here listens to Broadcasting House tomorrow to find out what I wanted to ask Alex James. I wrote to him, BTW, at The Independent & heard nothing, but he was probably busy with the sheep! I'm podcasting so I can imortalise my idea, not like the time my PM blog entry was read out & I nearly crashed the car...

Subj: RE: Q for Alex James
Date: 24/02/2007 16:34:36 GMT Standard Time


What a good idea. Your email has got me replying in the same font somehow! My brother is obsessed with the programme The Verdict too, and I suspect you are in tune with many others who'd like to hear him reflect on it.

Thanks for joining the BH editorial team !

All the best,
Paddy O'Connell Presenter, Broadcasting House

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