Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Women's Aid are using Valentine's day to highlight domestic violence. It is a subject I care deeply about, not least because it could happen to anyone. The message on their Valentine's rose is; "Suzy, I told you to shut up you stupid cow, it’s your fault I hurt you. Pete".

Victims don't conform to a stereotype, rather they are someone whose self-esteem has been eroded within a damaging relationship, and you don't have to be stupid to think it is all your fault.

It takes an average of 35 incidents before a woman leaves, maybe she can see the person she fell in love with somewhere inside the violence, or sometimes she is just scared. I say 'she' because it is mainly women, although not exclusively.
Those who know they care about child protection, also know that children who witness domestic violence, suffer the effects almost as badly as if they were the victims. It is toxic, and affects whole families, as well as the victim.



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