Monday, February 19, 2007

Democracy In Action

On the basis that our MP's work for us, TheyWorkForYou gives us some insight into the voting records, speeches, & other activities, of said parliamentary members. I write to my MP occasionally, & he always writes back, but never agrees with me. He isn't of my political hue, but that doesn't prevent me from feeling a little depressed about his voting habits;For my part, I don't really mind either way about the smoking ban, not sure about ID cards, haven't got a clue about foundation hospitals, & even agree with him voting against student top-up fees. I don't really know about the anti-terrorism laws either, so perhaps just as well I'm not the MP really, but I do know New Labour has been a bit legislation happy. I would agree with an investigation into the Iraq war, but am most disappointed he voted for it, & even more so that he voted against equal gay rights. Actually, on reflection, I don't mind most of what he does, but what I do mind, I mind very much. Why don't you go ahead and see what you think of your MP.

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