Monday, January 29, 2007

Stuff I Like

& Now for something a bit more cheery? I really like this painting, which can be found on the Saatchi Gallery website & the blurb below is directly lifted from the gallery.
Labelling her sultry and seductive models with German political party vanity chains identifying the joint Christian Democratic and Christian Socialist Union, Jospehine Meckseper spin-doctors a media savvy image parodying the right wing. Meckseper’s enlarged faux magazine spread updates traditional allegorical painting via woman’s fashion advert, drawing veiled reference to Angela Merkel, the party’s leader and Germany’s first female chancellor. Raising uneasy questions about class, power, nationalism, and feminism, Meckseper portrays her homeland as a twinned stealth-like beauty: Arian perfection garbed in democratic coloured designer gowns, languishing in extravagance and oblivious to the proletariat maid lingering in the distance.

I am a big fan of painting, so I like this from ARTISTS IN TRIUMPH OF PAINTING section should you care to take a look for yourself.
& I think, since girl with a pearl earring, we shall all get this Vermeer reference. The photograph is of a squatter in Hackney reading a possession order, with a surprising dignity & calm.
& this one is just a rebel!


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