Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Poverty & Racism

Is the the government's strategy to wipe out poverty; an easily accessible source of bankrupcy? Today, CBB news, which I otherwise have studiously avoided here! Jade enters The Priory sobbing uncontrollably. I do now feel sorry for her, as she appear to have all the indicators of depression, & she must feel like she has lost so much. Just because I can't see the point of the life she was leading, it was the one she wanted, & it was a long way from the one she had before it seems. Despite the publicity, The Priory group is not a celebrity hang out, but a serious psychiatric establishement, & perhaps she will be able to think about the slightly less emphermeral things which make her happy.
The irony is not lost on me that her career was built on the ignorance which is also putting paid to it. The tabloids have decided that the brand of racism in the BB house was unacceptable, & I am glad it brought it to light, but I wish there was more of the same about the taxi driver beaten to death by men who thought it was funny to find "paki juice" on their shoes. My disgust is palpable, & only ever matched by the police survellience video of those not convicted of killing Stephen Lawrence. It is a bright light that those men had their photographs paraded on the front page of The Daily Snail, one little glow in their otherwise grimly right wing editorial.

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