Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brown Coronation Threat?

Hurrah! Not that I hate GB or anything, I just can't bear the idea of a shoe-in or the dour lady in waiting he has been. I know he has a poor public profile, and I don't find him appealing, but I don't vote for Charisma. I remember Tony Benn saying that he didn't know what New Labour was all about because he was a socialist, I am with him on that front, so obviously I feel the loss of socialism from our political system.

The Brown camp are apparently fearing a Miliband leadership challenge after a policy debate Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke are beginning today. They say it is only a discussion, but some of Mr Brown's allies are treating the move with suspicion, they fear that the real aim is to flush out a credible challenger to him for the leadership.While the media will be endlessly discussing splits & factions in the party, I wanted Milliband to run, because there needs to be an opposition with enough credibility to be a real challenge. I also wouldn't mind hearing about his policy vision.


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