Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Balls?

Victoria Beckham arriving in LA caused a pap swarm. Some people tell us that Victoria made the decision, perhaps because David was as depressed as others write, but they are both sticking something up to someone. I loved the fact that everyone thought DB was dead in the water, & he may prove to be as a footballer, but he has had the courage to do something completely different & earn loads into the bargain!
It is said that Victoria didn't like Spain, what's not to like I say, but she had other things to be getting on with at the time, some misguided adventure into clothing? When things went awry, they moved fast, & the family were ensconced in the city which lies in the centre of the Castillian plain. A long time ago, David said that he would have loved Victoria if she had worked on the checkout at Tesco, I don't suppose that has changed, except for the competition she faces.

Successful athletes are not only flattered by the attention they receive from beautiful women, but they do also have a lot of time on their hands, often to get bored. A wise decision, after all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find that there must be a huge contrast between how empty a footballer's life can feel during their free time, compared with the adulation they feel from thousands when on the pitch. It isn't really surprising to find that they try and fill up some of that space with company.
I suspect that sitting on the bench at Real Madrid has been difficult for Beckham; training to perform with no stage, especially when he had to send his wife on her own to the Cruise/Holmes wedding because he had to fly back for that training. He wasn't well treated by Alex Ferguson in my mind, perhaps 2 too big egos in one stadium? Now the new Real coach seems to have taken a dislike to him. Perhaps Beckham doesn't have long to play, but he was never going to be anything other than a surreal presence at Bolton Wanderers, even if he would have liked to spend his final years in the game playing the one he knows & maybe his talents will be really useful to his American team.
Victoria is house hunting with a vengeance if we are to believe the Daily Snail, & it seems America welcomes the couple, who suddenly remind me of another golden couple. Looking at my little collage I find myself feeling bitter about Brad/Jen/Angelina. I know stuff happens, I know I know nothing about this stuff at all really, & nobody knows what goes on in other peoples relationships anyway. We only just know what is going on in ours methinks. But Mariella Frostrup said they seemed really sweet together, when she was visiting with George Clooney, & I bet Jen is funnier. In fact, I hope Jen is still friends with George because I bet Victoria & Jen could be great mates, Posh is funny too; it's a well kept secret but I bet Mariella could tell us all about it. I can just see them all hanging out together on the shores of Lake Como.

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