Monday, January 01, 2007

Truth & Reconciliation?

After being asked if I wanted to see it, I have had to think about the execution of Saddam Hussein, because I think it is a babaric act which abuses human rights, & I am ashamed that we didn't speak up louder against it.

At the end of Saddam’s regime we should have witnessed the restoration of justice, truth and accountability; a fair trial being a fairly basic element of those rights. I am concerned that Saddam’s trial may not have been fair, which is an opportunity missed, & the death penalty appeared a foregone conclusion after the verdict was announced with the appeal being merely a formality to bypass.

Saddam’s death could hinder the ability to establish the truth of what happened under his rule, it will do nothing to halt the current state of almost civil war & I am ashamed that we did speak out to condemn the hanging, I wonder if Tony didn't want to offend George, who I imagine has signed off quite a number of executions.

I don’t want to see it hear, I don’t’ even think it should be shown; the death penalty is a barbaric act which is an abuse of human rights and it is the pornography of violence to screen what anyone can imagine, without needing to be a voyeur.


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