Tuesday, December 12, 2006


How silly I am, my WOTW photo is up, the lovely Fifi alerted me & now I am stupidly happy! Johnnie noticed that my narrative to accompany the picture was characteristically brief, not, but it adds just a touch of much needed colour!"This is usually where I am at 5pm, also usually wondering where the rest of the day went. The screen shows I have just sent an email but the PM blog is lurking behind as I find out what my fellow froggers are up to. The radio is always on, and always tuned to R4, the phone is usually ignored but I like to do 1471, I just don’t want my train of thought interrupted more than that! The book under the stamps and instructions for the camera (!) is Willa Cather’s My Ántonia which is a delight. The pamphlet behind it is on the assessment and treatment of sex offenders which is possibly less delightful, and there is always something to tell me what films I am missing.

My mug says “I’m not greedy I just like a lot” and is constantly filled with tea which I will drink at whatever temperature I find it to be when I remember I poured it. To the right of the desk is a picture of Einstein which is out of shot, because he looks like a kindly grandpa egging me on to be clever. I also have Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy because it reminds me of the first time I went to the Tate Modern, and how I thought the use of space was fantastic, but also how many people were making a pilgrimage there on a Sunday. I’d rather galleries were the new church than shopping!

The little blue box behind the mug has some handmade paper in envelopes I picked up in Amalfi this summer, not only does it remind me of a really great holiday, but also of being in Italy the day they won the world cup! We ate fresh pizza in the town square in Sorrento while watching the match on a huge screen, families watched together, people drank beer and wine in an entirely civilised European fashion, and Italy sent it’s entire stock of fireworks up that night. Piaggios honked their horns, nobody slept, and we were all pretty dead to the world on the boat to Positano the next day. But then we ate some homemade pasta under the shade of the bougainvilleas which work so well on that coast, drank some more, and swam in the sea… and all was right with the world."

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