Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Dish Served Cold?

Revenge is odd, a normal reaction to betrayal, but one which exposes our bitterness to public scrutiny. None more public than Jane Doe who made hers more public than anyone. Her MySpace space goes into more detail;

"If you are reading this, I guess you are wondering what this is all about. Is it a joke or is it some kind of cryptic advertisement or something? I'm sad to say it's not. It's none of the above. It's just my way of getting my own back at the B*stard who I have devoted most of my adult life to, only to find out he is a piece of lying cheating scum! If you live somewhere around Birmingham you may know me as Jane Doe. I am the lady who has been emailing Caroline at Brmb to ask for advice about my husband. If you haven't, be warned girls, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! A few months ago I suspected my 'dearest' other half was having an affair. New clothes, new habits, trips away... I thought I was being paranoid; he MADE me feel I was being paranoid. But it turns out women’s instinct is a great thing!!! I was right! The b**tard HAS been having an affair!!!! And what's worse is the person he has been seeing behind my back is someone I THOUGHT WAS ONE OF MY DEAREST FRIENDS!!!!...... I even trusted her with my suspicions about him, and she offered me advice!! Can you believe that? She f****** offered to 'help' me... More like manipulate me to suit her own agenda!!!!!!!...... If you know her, or you are reading this - this is for you 'Shelley'... that's what he calls you doesn't he?..... Well, you can have him. He's all yours, you deserve him... You deserve each other... and despite the fact you have betrayed me and ripped away everything that is precious to me, I know that I AM THE ONE THAT IS BETTER OFF!! Because I am the one that can hold my head high wherever I go, knowing that I am a decent person who doesn't need people like you in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't bother phoning, don't bother calling around, as far as I am concerned neither of you exist! TO ANYONE WHO HAS EVER GONE THROUGH BEING LIED TO AND CHEATED ON............ They say revenge is sweet, it doesn't feel sweet, it feels great to no longer be the little paranoid woman at home, and finally be able to take control of my own life again................ Thank you to everyone for all your advice and kind words, and thank you to Caroline and Elliott on Brmb for all your help personally and with this. They helped me with the billboard - if you want to see it - it's opposite the Bullring Markets on Upper Dean Street in town. Jane. PS Click become my friend to show your support."

I must admit to having a sneaking admiration but, the best revenge is living a good life. I don't know Jane or her husband, so I don't know what their relationship was like, but infidelity does rock us to our very core regardless. I would prefer not to have a husband who is prepared to have an affair with my friend & things can only get better without him. I would also prefer not to have a friend who would do the same with my husband, thus Jane is by default going to live a much better life just by these 2 no longer being in it. The evidence is that the unfaithful don't change, so I don't have much hope for the future for Mark & Shelley; the outcome is likely to be more pain than pleasure. I hope this is what Jane will concentrate on after her grand gesture, public humiliation of those involved, & media support. In a couple of weeks time, the press will have lost interest, Jane will have only herself to live with & I hope she has an excellent life.

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Anonymous hazel love said...

I'm so far up there with you! Mine went off to some 'friends reunited' bird. I only found out some time later that he had been 'seeing' her all along. He also took £60,000 with him. I am sharing your poster by proxy if that is ok. I'm never going to see the money as he has already spunked it away apparently.

You go girl. There is only ever up to go anyway!

Happy Christmas

2:45 PM  
Blogger Helen Sparkles said...

Thanks for your comment, but I'm afraid Hazel that this isn't me, I shall say thought that you are both better off without them, if lighter of pocket!

5:36 PM  

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