Friday, November 24, 2006

Kate's as a Slag!

Yeah but no but..and anyway that Vicky Pollard said that my Pete's a good for nuffink nobody but what does she know .. silly cow!

KATE Moss looks every inch the model chav - as she stars as Vicky Pollard's twin sister in a Little Britain Comic Relief special.

The audience cheered as she stepped onstage last night as Katie Pollard in a blue tracksuit top and black leggings.
Matt Lucas, playing tearaway Vicky, told the crowd Katie was the pretty one of the family. And Kate, dating junkie rocker Pete Doherty, quipped: "I'm the easy one. Total slag. I'm anybody's for a packet of Quavers."
As the model left the stage, Vicky yelled: "Katie, lose some weight you fat bitch."

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