Monday, April 14, 2008


Updated:18:13, Sunday April 13, 2008

TV presenter Mark Speight has been found dead six days after he went missing in London.

His body was found in a remote spot at Paddington railway station. Officers said he was not struck by a train.

The 42-year-old presenter was in a "vulnerable" state following the drug death of his fiancee, Natasha Collins, in January. A spokesman for British Transport Police said: "At this stage the death is being treated as unexplained. "The body has been removed from the scene and CCTV from the station has been seized as part of the ongoing investigation."

I didn't want to be right on this one, the feeling that looking at this face, if this man could find a way to do it, he would not be keeping himself alive much longer. It was just too much pain and guilt for a human being to survive. Natasha's parents have been able to forgive him, but anyone will tell you how much harder it is to forgive yourself. May his family just be able to comfort themselves with the knowledge that Mark is now not suffering as he was. He was probably dead the day he disappeared and a lot of people will be wishing that they had kept him safer, they couldn't. We assume that people can survive every event, because mainly they do, but sometimes they can't.


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