Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Poisoned Chalice

Received wisdom today, according to Niclolas Witchell at least, is that Wills dumped Kate. After all, which woman wouldn't want to be a princess?
The Kate who appeared in a fashion show & wore red to Sandhurst, when she was supposed to be keeping a low profile, is the Kate having a great time leaping off a boat and looking fabulous in a turquoise gown. It isn't the same person who appears dead eyed clutching her bag.

William is exactly the person with the insight to envision exactly what effect this would eventually have on the psyche of someone he cares about. I suspect he knows that most women with any sense would be sane enough to find the constant attention of the paps enough to interfere with the quality of their life. If the cameras were just being a pain and getting in the way whilst taking a photo, perhaps that would be bearable, but that isn't all it is. Although there is no suggestion that this happened to Miss Middleton, the photographers of disrepute are constantly abusive to get a reaction they can sell.

Kate kept smiling, but she also kept complaining, and she was going to continue to be papped whilst William was a long way away. Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos last night said William and Kate must have been under "horrible" pressure from public attention. She said: "They've been scrutinised constantly, comments made, editorials written about a relationship they themselves are probably trying to figure out."

She went on: "Most people at that age are thinking about things like mortgages, but she's got MI5 helping her with bodyguards, and when they look into the future, it must be surreal, particularly for her, as he at least has been born into it. "We talk about how difficult it is for people who become a celebrity overnight, but for her, it was worse. It wasn't what she was looking for, she just fell in love with a boy she met at university."


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