Monday, April 09, 2007

Beyond the Pale

Every so often on this blog, I return to my wedding, which will happen one day. Today the theme is frocks, and I have offended many a bride by saying I just don't like wedding dresses. The price tag has nothing to do with it either, I would just rather spend all that dosh on a lovely dress I wouldn't normally buy, even if I never wear that again either! This year my current favourites are Roberto Cavalli (left) and Gucci (right), coming in at somewhere between £2 & £7000, I may be drawing references from said designers with the aid of a good dressmaker. Anyone know such an angel in the Midlands?
I know not all white frocks are meringues, and some are perfectly lovely, but why would I wear white when I never do. I won't be having my dad give me away either, it seems a bit bizarre at 40 quite frankly. I may also be having Van Morrison to play us out of the church... I think my rebellious side is emerging, or as Pamela Anderson said to Fergie (on Shrink Rap), the side of me that it is essential I express because it preserves my integrity. Love my parents to hear that.
A friend of mine seemed to assume I would wear a suit, since I don't to work, why would I ever? Or is that the law for older brides. I am deluded enough to still think myself young enough to look chic, in fact nobody is ever too old for that. Images of age are distorted by the current vogue for cosmetic surgery, but wearing purple and growing old disgracefully, will be forever England in my book!


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