Saturday, July 12, 2008

Christopher Worrad

I've hesitated to write this post, because I don't really know any of the people involved, but this is someone I have thought about a lot since the event too place.
On Thursday at work I was making a coffee in our kitchen and a colleague from another team walked in as white as a sheet and shaking. She used to work in another location, for the same organisation we both work for now, and the manager there had just found out that her son had died in this collision. I was so stunned that I don't think I responded very well, but don't suppose that she really noticed what I said. It isn't odd at all is it that there is a major RTA in my area and I am loosely connected with one of the people involved. It isn't odd that I drive that road regularly and I hate it.I then went back to a very busy day but I felt shaken. Loss of life is so sudden when it happens like this, and we are no better prepared for it, given that we know it happens. It stayed with me, and it made me feel shaken, even though I don't know this boy. He was young and he was loved. I wish his family comfort from the fact that those who hardly know them are thinking about Christopher and all of the other young people in this car. Their inspiration will live on as they rest in peace and one day the happier memories will be of some solace.


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