Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flaws = Perfection

I think Kate Moss is appealing because she is almost just an ordinary girl from Croydon & somehow this makes her more engaging doesn't it? Perhaps this because women can love her too & we just don't feel the same way about Claudia or Giselle.
Kate 2003
Wise about her business, Moss has managed to ensure her profits aren't hit by adverse publicity but she is interesting because her business is beauty & Moss seems content to disabuse us of her perfection. She has posed Lucien Freud & now appears in the exhibits of Chuck Chase; both are masters of the exposure of flaws.
Untitled Torso Diptych 2003
We know Kate loves her girlfriends, we can imagine hanging out with her, and now we know she would look a bit rough the morning after too. We have become so accustomed to viewing airbrushed beyond belief celebrity images, even to the degree of adjusting our gaze to accomodate the surgically enhanced, that this is blissfully refreshing and enhances Kate's image all at once. Untitled Torso Diptych 2003

'Family and Others' by Chuck Close @ White Cube in Mason's Yard


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