Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The revolving doors of celebrity rehab are at it again, I hope the Causeway don't let Amy back to disturb the fragile equilibrium of those who are serious about seeking help. I try not to say anything vile about other women but honestly, who cares about Amy, except her mum of course. Neither her or Pete Doherty are interesting, & actually, I feel sorry for both mums!

Amy Winehouse Quits Rehab Again Amy Winehouse has left her rehab clinic for the second time in a week after a massive row with husband Blake Fielder-Civil. The troubled pair had been receiving treatment at The Causeway clinic in Essex following Amy’s recent drug overdose, but the couple walked out of the centre on Sunday night, taking a taxi to a London hotel. “It is supposed to be a peaceful backdrop to help people deal with their problems. But Amy and Blake kept rowing and spoiling the ambience,” a source at the clinic said. “While Amy would be welcomed back with open arms, I’m not sure they’d say the same for Blake. He upset people in The Causeway with his behaviour.”

Yes, yes, yes...Amy’s Back In Rehab Amy Winehouse has returned to rehab after quitting the Essex clinic after just 48 hours. She originally left the Causeway rehab centre on Wednesday and refused to return unless husband Blake Fielder-Civil went with her, even though reports suggest that Amy’s dad has been begging her to get treatment on her own. Speaking outside her home in north London before her return to rehab, Amy told reporters: “I’ve put on half a stone. I feel fine.” The singer has cancelled the rest of her performances for August so she can concentrate on getting well, but is adamant that her US tour will go ahead in September.

Amy Quits Rehab Amy Winehouse has quit rehab after just two days. The singer walked out of the Causeway clinic in Essex with husband Blake Fielder-Civil just 48 hours after admitting she had a problem with drugs. The couple had been receiving treatment together but were desperate to get home and back to a normal life. Or as normal as it can be when you're a pop star - Amy chartered a helicopter to get home to north London. Speaking later outside her house, Amy said: "Oh my God, what the hell happened to last week? I'm fine, don't worry." According to reports, the sickly singer has also had a brain scan to find out if last week’s seizure could have been caused by epilepsy.


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